Running Stories

Georgie Budd

What got you into running?

After leaving school and giving up dancing and trampolining, my only regular exercise was walking my dog (Harley). Then in 2017, I went up The Cloud on one dog walk with my family and really struggled even getting up the first incline.

That was when I knew I needed to do something… I started off slowly, running for 10mins and then walking for 10 mins with my mum and Harley and gradually increased.

In summer of 2018 I completed my first parkrun with Harley bear, my dad came sprinting past. Just as I was about to start my third lap, in the words of my father “I thought you would never do another, but you were back the week after” now I’m sprinting past him at the end.

In 2019 completed my first ever half (Robin Hood Half in Nottingham) in just under 2hrs with my sister and her boyfriend.

Then 2 years later in 2021, I completed my first ever marathon (on my 26th birthday – 26 miles for 26 years) – the Manchester Marathon in 4hr 15mins.

What is your proudest running achievement?

My proudest achievement has to be the Paris marathon in 2022, completing it in 4hrs 7 mins.

I’d just got over covid and ran it with all my heart and enjoyed the sights…

I just loved every bit of it…and the food and wine after (actually changed my taste buds – actually like olives now! - could be down to eating everything in sight.

What do you like about running with the club?

I remember doing my first ever away run in 2019, just after coming back from holiday, totally shattered but then we went up White Nancy, and omg that was a hard one but really enjoyed myself and loved the community and the laughter of the run.

I must have caught the fell running bug, as now I actually enjoy races like the Happy Valley Half, Kinder Scout and dare I say it…. winter cross country.

I just love the atmosphere and the buzz of the club, the best group of supportive people I’ve ever met.