Tuesday 6pm Social Runs:

Tuesday 6 pm start time. Organised by Harriers but also open to non-Harriers .

The run is for  the slower and “returning from injury” runner. The distance is  generally between 5 to 6.5 mile over 60 to 80 minutes depending on terrain.

We always run off road.

April to mid-October : We use 4 local starting locations to give route variety and minimise running on the road. 

Winter: we start from various locations including Congleton Tennis Club . We follow only gentle routes in the winter. Head torches are required.


Information will be posted on the Harriers Facebook page each week in the summer. There is also a Facebook Messenger group which you can request membership of from Dave.


For further information please contact David Taylor who can be contacted by mail via the form on the rhs of  this page.