Press Report July 9th 2023 from Nick Budd

Harriers at Wilmslow 10k                       Photo: M Statham

Annie Rogan chose a nice but tough little fell race as her first outing as a Congleton Harrier when she took part in the Langley Fete fell race on the first day of the month. Whilst relatively short for a fell race at 3.1 miles it does contain a rather steep climb up from the grounds of the fete past the reservoirs and up to the quarry at Teggs Nose before a short run round to the visitor centre and a fast dash back down to the fete. Out of the 43 runners Annie finished 40th in a time of 38.01.

Annie Rogan. Photo Annie Rogan

Later in the same week there was a decent turn out of Harriers at the popular Mobberley Round the Runway event. It’s an interesting 5 mile run round the perimeter of the airport across some gently undulating footpaths with a good view of the landings and take-off to distract the runners.  

Harriers post Mobberley. Photo Trish Ryan

Out of the 313 runners Chris Moss, was 18th in 31:30, Melanie Worthington, was 73rd in 36:39, Linda Fairbrother, was 151st in 41:15, Nigel Poole, was 161st in 41:51, Paul Crean, was 186th in 44:14, Rob Parkin, was 195th in 44:48, Andrea Whiteley, was 242nd in 47:37, Trish Ryan, was 243rd in 47:37. Mel Worthington picked up first place in the F50 category and Chris Moss and Nigel Poole were 3rd in the M50 and M65 categories.

Mel Worthington. Photo credit Jan-Christof Telford

Mobberley (along with a gently paced park run on the Saturday) was just a gentle warm up for Chris Moss who was the sole Harrier at the Cheadle 4 on the Sunday. As its name implies it’s a 4 mile race which starts off flat before roughly a mile of steep ascent, a mile of continuous descent and a flat final mile. The warmup must have been effective as he finished 1st in the M50 category, 16th overall out of 182 runners in a time of 24.40.

Chris Moss Photo: C Moss

The Wilmslow 10k, however, was the main attraction for many of the club on the same Sunday with 24 amongst the 2520 runners.

Emily Nott, was 223rd in 38:42, Richard Blankley, was 371st in 41:18, Graham Cooper, was 586th in 44:19, Ian Stanway, was 625th in 44:49, Danny Jackson, was 650th in 45:08, Michael Stanley, was 822nd in 47:19, Ellie Dick, was 916th in 48:21, Linda Fairbrother, was 980th in 49:01, Iain Thacker, was 1088th in 50:26, Ryan Moss, was 1138th in 51:02, Jackie Moss, was 1163rd in 51:24, David Bloor, was 1167th in 51:25, Nigel Poole, was 1285th in 52:37, Mark Bowyer, was 1398th in 54:43, Trish Ryan, was 1483rd in 54:44, Andrea Whiteley, was 1484th in 54:45, Rob Parkin, was 1529th in 55:33, Nicola Glover, was 1571st in 56:00, Poppy Prentice, was 1704th in 57:37, Ross Oldroyd, was 1776th in 58:30, Elaine Statham, was 2018th in 62:34, Katherine Clarke, was 2313th in 70:30, Ceri Bestwick, was 2351st in 72:14, Petra Thacker, was 2376th in 74:00.

Four of the Harriers posted new personal bests: Emily Nott, Ellie Dick, Jackie Moss and Andrea Whiteley. The race was also a first outing as a Harrier for Poppy Prentice and it was another age category win for Elaine Statham in the F75 category.

Poppy Prentice                  Photo: M Statham

If interested in joining us, there are club runs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with most runs setting off from the Leisure Centre. The club is always keen to see new members whether you are a speedy racer or more of a social runner. So, if you are thinking of thinking of joining then just come along to one of the regular/ club runs for a few weeks and try us out for size; you will be made to feel more than welcome with no obligation to join. You can find full details on our Congleton Harriers website: You can also connect with the club on Facebook where details of club activities are posted regularly.