Press Report June 4th 2023 from Nick Budd

 Fell, Trail and Road races for Harriers in the second half of May and the first week of June.

There are quite a few races to catch up with over the last few weeks for the Congleton Harriers. The big one, was the start of this year’s South Moorlands Summer series which is always popular amongst the club members. However before that we will go back to mid May.

Harriers at Tittesworth Summer Series Photo H Harding

Quarry Bank Mill 10k

A couple of results we missed from earlier reports was a bit of long-distance action. Way back at the start of May Sean Rowsell was in action in the Pennine Barrier Ultra 50, starting in the beautiful village of Malham with trails taking in Malham cove, the Dry Valley of Watlowes, Malham tarn, Fountains Fell, Janet’s foss and the wonderful Yorkshire 3 peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. Sean finished 83rd overall in a time of 11:42:47 hrs and was 3rd in the M55 category.

Later in the month there were two Harriers participating in the Leaden Boot Challenge, a 26.5 mile race with a healthy dose of uphill climbing (4,800ft ascent) which attracts both runners and walkers alike. Suzanne Roebuck and Lucy Rusbridge worked as a pair to finish equal 24th and joint 5th lady.

On May 17th two Harriers took part in the first Park Hall 5 mile trail race. Mel Worthington finished  19th overall and 2nd in her F50 age category in 42 mins, Paul Crean finished 32nd overall and 2nd in his M65 age cathegory in 47 mins.

There were two mid-week races in the penultimate week in May. On Tuesday 21st there were six in action at the Quarry Bank 10k. Out of the 712 runners. Danny Jackson, was 127th in 46:40, Hannah Harding, was 130th in 46:41, Ryan Moss, was 280th in 53:50 (2nd in the MU20 category), Jackie Moss, was 353rd in 57:06, Jenni Armitt, was 465th in 63:14 and Sarah Higgins, was 467th in 63:16.

On the Thursday it was the club’s summer handicap race up and down the Cloud from the start of the Biddulph Valley Way. Being a handicap race the faster runners are held back giving the slower runners a head start to even things up and the winner is the first runner home. There is an added incentive of each participant paying £1 with the pot going to the winner (which usually quickly disappears shortly after as a round in the Bear Town Tap). First back was Vic Maguire, handicap time 64:10 (Actual time 6) followed by Stuart Rider, 64:28 (47:28, so eating up a 17 minute handicap ), Debbie Hill , 64:41 (63:41), Nick Wilkins 65:27 (58:27), Beth Ambler65:40 (64:40), Nick Budd 66:54 (59:54), Sarah-Louise Proudmore 68:27 (61:27), Georgie Budd 69:53 (63:53), Colin Watret 70:32 (57:32), Ella Lyman71:49 (71:49), Jack Sargeant 73:32 (58:32), Ian Stanway 76:21 (62:21) and Hannah Coates 81:12 (81:12).

On the final weekend of the month Graham Cooper took part in the 50th Isle of Jura Fell race, a tough unmarked 28km with 2370m (7,775ft) of ascent with runners choosing their own route between check points. The mountain terrain crossed by the race is potentially dangerous and runners need to be alert and aware on the descents at all times. Listening out for the warning "ROCK(S)" shouted loudly to warn you of dislodged scree above heading your way. Graham described it as one of the toughest races he has eve undertaken at that sort of distance, finishing 222nd out of the 224 who made it to the end in 7.30.f2.

Elsewhere on the same weekend Ian Stanway was the only club representative at the hilly Buxton Half Marathon out of the 392 runners talking the 1554ft of ascent Ian was 168th in 1.54.42.

Hannah Harding Photo Mick Hall

So, finally back to Summer Series and the 1st race was a 4.6 mile run round Tittesworth reservoir. To those not familiar with the race, they envisage a flat run round the water’s edge, but in reality, the route is slightly higher up with a lot of undulating ups and downs that never quite flatten off to make for easy running. On the evening over 10% of the runners were Harriers with 28 of the club amongst the 216 entrants.

Stuart Rider, was 16th in 29:49, Emily Nott, was 22nd in 30:55, Dean Windsor, was 71st in 35:55, Hannah Harding, was 74th in 36:16, Graham Cooper, was 76th in 36:29, Will Roberts, was 81st in 36:42, Colin Watret, was 93rd in 37:15, Ian Stanway, was 101st in 38:06, Iain Thacker, was 112th in 39:03, Rob McDermott, was 120th in 39:58, Linda Fairbrother, was 126th in 40:10, Georgie Budd, was 128th in 40:15, Vic Maguire, was 129th in 40:23, Ian Prime, was 130th in 40:28, Nigel Poole, was 137th in 41:12, Paul Crean, was 152nd in 42:32, Jackie Moss, was 154th in 42:39, Donna Charlesworth-Simpson, was 160th in 43:17, Helen Gowin, was 176th in 44:53, Ella Lyman, was 178th in 45:09, Stephen Canning, was 183rd in 45:35, Rich Benson, was 186th in 47:21, Trish Ryan, was 192nd in 48:14, Andrea Whiteley, was 193rd in 48:14, Nicola Glover, was 194th in 48:14, Sarah Richards, was 196th in 48:57, Hannah Coates, was 204th in 50:10 and Petra Thacker, was 212th in 58:32. For Colin and Donna, this was their first race as Harriers.

Harriers pacers at Parkrun

The day before, being the 1st Saturday of the month the Harriers were also on their normal Park Run Pacing duties, encouraging the other runners round helping lots achieve new personal bests