Harriers club results and performances

Harriers results

All results by Harriers in races are stored in a database. We have results back to 1999. See the results on a month by month view, or search in the complete list. Also on this page are the club record performances and the age grade percentages for times recorded by club members.
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Monthly Results

Click the image to bring up a month by month list of club results. 

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Full list of club Results

Click the image to bring up a full list of club results. Search by runner name or race name and sort.


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Club record performances

The fastest times by club members - men and women - for the popular race distances.


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Races List

A list of all the races run by Harriers back to 1999.

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Age Grade Percentages

Age grade percentages for races run by Harriers over officially measured distances.

Records back to 2012 calculated and maintained by Rich Benson

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