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Monday, 27 December - AUDLEY 10K

      Bright but cold, with more banks than the High Street.   79 ran
Pete Nolan 15th 37:58 1st V50
Paul Thomson 16th 38:31  
Dave Beresford 20th 39:40  
Harold Pinkney 23rd 39:48  
Rich Benson 38th 41:50  
Neil Warren 50th 44:31  
Austin Farr 51st 44:45  
Pete Doyle 52nd 45:15  
Dave Campbell 53rd 46:00  
Felicity Doyle 61st 49:15 1st LV40

Sunday, 19 December - CHRISTMAS CRACKER 10K

      Sunny but icy conditions over the Roaches
Bryan Carr   47:44  
John Amies   52:17 A good return from injury
Phil Bratby   52:21  
Paul Thomson   54:18  
Jim Bradbury   55:04  
Rich Benson   56:09  
Derek Dale   56:58  
Austin Farr   58:15  
Mark Tilstone   59:02  
Mike Laurence   61:21  
Steve Dunn   61:55  
Grant Silk   62:03  
Dave S Taylor   c69:00  
Trevor Thorndyke   c70:00  


Dave Beresford   1:25:53 In the top 50 out of around 700

Saturday, 11 December - LEEK CROSS-COUNTRY

      Rain, mud and more mud!
Clare Holdcroft 39th 30:23  
Felicity Doyle 40th 30:35  
Margaret Fox 60th 34:52  
Gill Power 64th ??:?? First cross-country - well done!
MEN     Recorded their best score yet
Bryan Carr 33rd 33:00  
Chris Rhodes 57th 34:41  
Phil Bratby 92nd 35:45  
Geoff Pettengell 104th 36:35 Taking a well earned rest from belly dancing
Paul Thomson 115th 37:14  
Rich Benson 164th 41:00  
Steve Dunn 187th 42:32 An excellent return
Mike Laurence 189th 42:39  
Pete Doyle 191st 43:26  
Brian Power 209th 51:28  

Sunday, 5 December - SALFORD 5 (LADIES)

      Very icy in places and actually 5.25 miles!
Clare Holdcroft 23rd 39:55 Well done Clare!


      Cold and fresh, but ideal conditions
Phil Bratby 24th 37:53 3rd V50
Dave Beresford 31st 38:41  
Paul Thomson 35th 39:06  
Harold Pinkney 55th 40:04  
Dave Wilson 66th 41:42  
Guy Bowles 67th 41:43  
Rich Benson 68th 41:50  
Derek Dale 77th 42:27 2nd V55 (not V67!)
Dave C Taylor 84th 42:59  
Austin Farr 105th 44:33  
Mike Laurence 109th 44:50  
Pete Doyle 112nd 44:54  
Dave Campbell 135th 47:35  
Trevor Thorndyke 146th 48:57  
Dave S Taylor 165th 50:56  
Margaret Fox 166th 51:03 1st LV60
Dot Tanner 172nd 52:06 1st LV50

Sunday, 21 November - ECCLESHALL 10 (NSRRA)

      Final race of the NSRRA year, fresh but hilly
Rich Benson 62nd 1:15:47 Great result for a second race in two days
Felicity Doyle 95th 1:25:20 Secures 2nd place in the O40 age group - congratulations.


      A chilly day with icy mud and water in plentiful supply
Paula Kennerley 52nd 31:40  
Margaret Fox 61st 32:40  
Clare Holdcroft 64th 33:10  
Bryan Carr 46th 40:02  
Chris Rhodes 87th 43:51 On loan
Robin Jones 102nd ??  
Phil Bratby 119th 44:14  
Dave Beresford 141st 45:30  
Paul Thomson 170th 47:24  
Rich Benson 201st 50:05  
Mike Laurence 221st 51:52  
Pete Doyle 222nd 52:03  
Dave Campbell 234th 54:03  

Sunday, 14 November - ROACHES 15

      Excellent race with as much tea as you could drink
Bryan Carr 9th 2:15:18  
Geoff Pettengell 18th 2:22:05  
Phil Bratby 33rd 2:31:25  
Paul Sellers 40th 2:34:52  
Paul Thomson 69th 2:43:18  

Sunday, 14 November - KEELE DAY NURSERY 7

      Interesting course, mostly off-road through the grounds of the University, recommended for next year
Dave Beresford 22nd 44:39  
Pete Nolan 25th 45:15 1st V50
Harold Pinkney


46:00 3rd V45
Rich Benson 41st 48:27 Where's the start? - but still 4th V45
Pete Doyle 64th 51:08 Slippy but fun!
Steve Dunn 86th 54:40 A good return from injury, 1st race for 6 weeks
Clare Holdcroft 100th 58:15 12th lady

Sunday, 7 November - WERRINGTON 6 (NSRRA)

      Cold day, but a good turnout
Pete Nolan 21st 35:49  
Dave Beresford 43rd 37:22  
Harold Pinkney 52nd 38:00  
Rich Benson 77th 39:39  
Felicity Doyle 148th 45:46 First LV40
Clare Holdcroft 160th 47:01 Frozen fingers

Saturday, 6 November - GUY FAWKES LANGLEY 7

Phil Bratby   44:16 PB at the seventh attempt!
Derek Dale


Dave Campbell   53:24  
Judith Ceuppens   59:12 Reported to be still smiling at the end
Margaret Fox   59:30  
Brian Power   59:50  
Gill Power   62:00  

Sunday, 24 October - CHESTER ZOO 10K

Harold Pinkney 139th 38:19  
Karen Green 152nd 38:48 8th lady overall & PB
Derek Dale 284th 41:45  
Terry Dykes 350th 43:00  
Pete Doyle 398th 43:59 PB
Victoria Dykes 439th 44:47  
Harry Stubbs 449th 44:56 Also ran the fun run with Laura!
Gill Armstrong 550th 46:51 PB
Paula Kennerley 558th 47:01 PB
Felicity Doyle 574th 47:21  
Margaret Fox 772nd 51:14 1st LV60


Rich Benson


1:35:01 Overtaking even on the final run in
Pete Doyle   1:39:20 PB
Felicity Doyle   1:47:00 Second place in her NSRRA age group on the day


Rich Benson 83rd 1:33:52 Satisfied given the tough conditions
Mike Davies 170th 1:44:52 PB since returning to the UK.   Mike's son was also second in the fun run.
Felicity Doyle 194th 1:48:14 Steady progress back to form winning 1st LV40.  Currently lying second overall in her age group table.

Sunday, 26 September - BIDDULPH 7 "MOOR" MILES

Jim Bradbury 31st 47:17 Warmed up for afternoon tennis!
Dave Campbell 43rd 50:59 A solid run to keep off the chasing pack
Steve Dunn 46th 51:14 Fought back well to overhaul Pete in the last mile
Pete Doyle 47th 51:16 Will get revenge next time!
Mike Davies 51st 52:17 Also ran the 1 mile fun run with his family!
Dave Bailey 64th 54:35
Gill Power 84th 61:10 1st LV40
Margaret Fox      

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